Englischsprachige Literatur

Cleeves Ann

Raven Black

Pan Books/Macmillan, London 2006


Ann Cleeves has already written 21 crime novels, so, to find a new sujet, she has set this story in Shetland, although she lives in Yorkshire.

Having just come back from a short visit to the Orkneys, I really looked forward to reading about this most north-eastern region of Britain. And I was not disappointed, even with the action taking place in a winter full of ice and snow, which takes some believing.

As too often in British crime writing, a young girl is found murdered, another one has disappeared. And the task of finding the murderer is handed to Inspector Perez, who, despite his name, is a true Shetlander, albeit from a neighbouring island. The small community falls into two groups: the real islanders and those who have come from the rest of the country like Fran Hunter, who discovers the murdered girl. She is the divorced wife of the islandīs most respected and notorious celebrity. Everybody believes old Magnus has killed the girl, as he was last seen with her. Of course, that canīt be true.

And, of course, it takes some investigation and twists in the plot, to find the two murderers, and, for once, the solution is a real, if not totally convincing surprise.