Englischsprachige Literatur

Connelly Michael

The Late Show

Orion, London 2017


In Connelly´s latest thriller Harry Bosch has undergone a sex change and is now detective Renee´Ballard, a young likewise determined member of the LAPD. She made the mistake of accusing her superior of sexist behaviour and so she had to take over the „late show“, which is LA´s night shift.
In her shift she has to deal with brutal assault and a multiple murder without a suspect so far. Her superiors tell her to drop the cases, leave them to the specialists, but nobody can stop her. She lives in her van, in a tent on the beach, her only companion her faithful dog. Connelly does not want her to have fun, but to do her job. We learn about everything exclusively from Ballard´s point of view, which makes for very concentrated reading and shows Connelly´s narrative prowess to perfection.