Englischsprachige Literatur

Crawford Susan

The other widow

Faber&Faber, London 2016


 This second novel by Crawford centres the plot around three women: Karen, the wife of Joe, his coworker and lover Dorrie and Maggie, an insurance agent and former police officer, who investigates the fatal accident of Joe, before she can pay out the enormous insurance claim to Karen.

Dorrie was in the car, when it skidded towards a tree on the icy road, but leaves the scene of the accident, because her relationship with Joe must be kept a secret. We hear an awful lot about her feelings and those of the other two women involved, most of it told in an elaborate and rather redundant way.

Karen has suspected her husband of having an affair, even witnesses the accident, accidentally, Crawford makes us believe. When Maggie appears at Joe´s office and Karen´s house to make sure Joe´s death was not suicide, she is met with a wall of silence  by Edward, Joe´s business partner, and evasive lies by Karen, who has a secret admirer, Tomas Ramirez. He is prepared to do everything for her, as turns out in the not very convincing end.

The three women speak and think like one person, probably Crawford herself, so it is difficult for the reader to keep them apart.