Englischsprachige Literatur

Finder Joseph


Headline/Hachette, London 2009


This is Finderīs 10th thriller, introducing Nick Heller, a private investigator for Stoddard Associates, a corporate security firm, and ex-Army Special Forces.

When Helen Heller, his sister-in-law, calls him, because she has been knocked down and Nickīs brother Roger has been kidnapped, Nick promises to help, more for her sake than his estranged brotherīs. And there is Helenīs teenage son Gabe who Nick does not want to let down. Helen and her husband both work for Gifford Industries.

Nick has just solved a case involving an airplane load of dollars, that also disappeared. But Nick is not to be fooled and finds the money (meant for the Iraque war) and a connection to Traverse, another of Finderīs mysterious firms. And then Paladin Worldwide (a Blackwater lookalike) turns out to be a key player, too. And everybody is in a terrible mess, including the reader. Nickīs father, who spends time in prison because of financial fraud, seems to know more about Roger and his secret agenda than Nick, but luckily he has help from his computer-nerd friends, so he can unerringly come to the core of it all, quite contrary to the reader, who is totally lost .