Englischsprachige Literatur

Grisham John

Camino Winds

Doubleday Penguin Random House, New York 2020


This seems to be the 35th novel by the famous author, apart from the Theodore Boone series with another 7 books.

Grisham is such a routined, well-known writer now, that he can indulge in any story he finds interesting. Here it is a tropical hurricane on Camino Island that Grisham describes with detailed knowledge, probably first-hand experience. And he obviously became interested how nursing homes can turn into big business.

 During this disaster a writer friend of the protagonist Bruce Cable is killed, which is a shock for the close-knit literary community on the island. All its members are friends of Cable, who runs the island bookshop. He is quite wealthy and can afford to organise readings and extravagant parties, because he made is money by buying and selling rare books, often under shady  circumstances.

When he and his friends try to find out what happened to their dead partner, Nick, a young student and part-time employee at the bookshop develops a theory that turns out to be exactly how the crime happened, in the end. It was their friend´s not yet published book about nursing homes that got him killed.

Full of dialogue, basic language, a fast-paced, fast written novel.