Englischsprachige Literatur

Rankin Ian

A Question of Blood

Orion, London, 2003


 Having not followed Detective Inspector Rebus´ career for quite some time I was surprised  how much he has changed since I last met him when he was solving the case of an abducted and cruelly murdered girl.  This DI is quite likeable now. His wife has left him, he lives on his own, drinks too much and is looking for a quarrel wherever he can find one. The case he tries to solve is rather bizarre: Two students were shot at school, the killer, an ex-Army man, quite conveniently shot himself as well. So there is not really a case. But Rebus manages to find one, and to solve it, although he has been suspended. He is, as usual, assisted by DS Clarke. Her role has changed, too. She more or less looks after Rebus, trying to cover up for him whenever he gets himself into trouble. Their relationship is the really interesting part of the story.