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Rendell Ruth

The Veiled One

Arrow Books Random House, London 1994


Another one of the Chief Inspector Wexford mysteries, originally published in 1988, copyright by Kingsmarkham Enterprises, which is quite fitting, as Wexford´s home turf is Kingsmarkham.

In this story Wexford has to investigate a murder in a shopping centre. A middle-aged woman is being  murdered while Wexford is in the shopping centre and still he hasn´t a clue. But he and his assistant Burden put on a brave face and in the end, not thoroughly unexpected, they can solve the case. It´s a neighbourhood problem on the one hand, and a psychological one on the other, and the latter is always perfectly described and developed, a Rendell characteristic, and a good one at that. And Wexford, as usual, gets ample opportunities to ponder about life in general.