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Richman Phyllis

The Butter did it

HarperCollins, New York 1998


Phyllis Richman is the renowned restaurant critic of the “Washington Post”. She obviously found out that the world of four-star-restaurants offers ample opportunity for crime and murder and, for someone with inside knowledge, ample opportunity to make some extra money on the side. So this is Richman´s debut in the world of crime.

Her alter ego, Chas Wheatley, a restaurant critic, surprise, surprise, is confronted with the death of an old friend and restaurateur, Laurence Levain. By eating her way through all the fashionable Washington restaurants she solves the case in the good old whodunit-fashion, without any unneccessary cruel details, that might keep the reader from enjoying a good meal and glass of French wine. And in the end, she is rewarded with a recipe for a Nutella Calzone, the American gourmet´s idea of refined cuisine.