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Robinson Peter

In a dry Season

Avon/HarperCollins, New York 2000


In this “novel of suspense” Chief Inspector Alan Banks first meets his later partner Connie Abbots, and the development of their relationship is the most charming part of this story. It goes back to the late sixties of last century, and, as in most of Robinson´s mysteries, a dashing and controversial young woman has to die to start the whole thing. 40 years later, her remains are discovered during an exceptionally dry season in a dried up water reservoir. And Banks digs into it, hindered as usual, by his superiors, his family relations, his habits, his love life. But, in the end, he triumphs, what a surprise. Obviously, when writers get older, they want to talk about their childhood, and the world as it used to be and invent a story that allows them to abandon themselves to nostalgia.