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Sandford John

Twisted Prey

Simon&Schuster, London 2018


If I interpret the register of Sandford´s novels correctly, this is his 28th Lucas Davenport thriller.

Sandford is a pro, just like his hero, who now works as a federal marshal. He is drawn into the machinations of a long term enemy, ruthless democratic (!) senator Taryn Grant, who plans to become Vice President and does everything to eliminate her possible rivals.

Davenport is depicted as a trigger happy agent with a long history of solving crimes ruthlessly. Sandford seems to live out his fantasies with his hero, and he has become a successful author by doing just that. But in the end he needs a criminal to kill a criminal, a bit like C. J. Box.

Sandford is a routined writer, his dialogues are to the point, often sarcastic, and he delivers the action his readers expect him to.

A good fast paced read.