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Center Katherine

How to walk away

St Martin´s Press, New York 2018


 Katherine Center lives in Texas with her family and has already written 5 novels with titles like “Happiness for Beginners”, so you would readily place her in the chick lit department, which is not quite wrong but not enough to characterize her topics and warm-hearted way of writing. And she has a good sense of humour, which comes in handy if you describe the victim of a plane crash, who has come to grips with the fact, that she will not be able to walk again.

One the one hand Center is full of understanding for the depressing situation 28-year-old Margaret finds herself in. Her fiance´crashed the private plane, climbed out of the wreck without any injury and leaves Margaret half-burned and with a broken spinal cord.

Her PT, taciturn Scottish Ian, forces her to do what she can to stimulate her injured system, her parents and specially her sister do everything for her to keep her mind occupied and help her recovery. Of course, she falls in love with Ian, but he keeps his distance, telling her it is only the Stockholm Syndrome that draws her to him. At the farewell party in the hospital that her sister organizes for her, Ian kisses her and loses his job for that, so that he has to return to Scotland.

Margaret tries to find a new purpose in life by plans to start “Camp Hope”, a holiday retreat for disabled kids. When her family is invited to the wedding of her former fiance´in Belgium, Margaret goes with them and, all is well that ends well, meets Ian again, thanks to the careful plotting of her sister.

A good, extremely moving story.