Englischsprachige Literatur

Connelly Michael

The Reversal

Orion, London 2010


 Again Connelly puts his two heroes,  LAPD Harry Bosch and lawyer Mickey Haller, together in one case. By now the weary reader knows, that Bosch and Haller are half-brothers, each with ex-wives, in Haller´s case three, each with a teenage daughter, each living in a house high above Hollywood. Two sides to Connelly´s personality, for sure. But equally thrilling?

This time Mickey Haller changes sides and agrees to prosecute a convicted child-killer, who has been set free because of new DNA evidence that seems to prove his innocence. Harry Bosch acts as Haller´s lead investigator. Their opposite is the most cunning defense lawyer in town.

For the afficionados of court procedure this might be another jewel in Connelly´s crown, for this reader here it will certainly be the last Connelly.