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Deaver Jeffery

The Never Game

Harper/Collins, London 2019


Jeffery Deaver, the world famous American author, has written more than 50 novels, he is a real pro. This shows in his latest novel about cybercrime and fake news smuggled into sophisticated computer games. In addition he throws in kidnapping, murder and corruption on the highest level.

So he writes exactly, what his fans expect to read: fast-paced action,suspense almost from the beginning, and a hero, who seems to be shaped after Jack Reacher. Investigator Colter Shaw has learnt his trade from his father who raised his three kids in the wilderness and taught them to survive.

Whenever Colter finds himself in a tight spot, which happens often enough, he remembers the paternal rules of survival. This seems a bit overdone for this reader´s taste, hardly what a grown and experienced person is expected to do, or is he still a daddy´s boy?

Anyway, Colter solves crimes, whenever a reward is offered. But this is just a pretense for setting things right and helping people, just like Reacher does. So it is no surprise that Lee Child sends his praise on the cover.

In the end the culprits are found and brought to justice, and the next adventure is waiting around the corner.