Englischsprachige Literatur

Austen Jane

Pride and Prejudice

Everyman´s Library, London 1991


Written in 1796 the novel was published in 1813, so it´s 200 years old. This fine hardcover edition comes with an interpretative introduction and a select bibliography.

After seeing three different film versions of the novel, it really surprised me to find out that the book is actually written like a film script. Austen concentrates on refined, often ironic dialogues and rarely offers insights into the motives and deliberations of her characters.

So the mysterious Mr Darcy stays mysterious right to the end, the happy one, of course. And we only hear from a short remark to Jane that Elizabeth Bennet falls in love with Pemberley more than his owner. What a ruthless materialistic girl!

Well, the end is not exactly so happy, after all. Austen adds a last chapter in which she describes the further development of all her characters, as she doesn´t want to leave ends loose. And so we hear, that Wickham and Lydia will go on pestering Elizabeth for money ever after. And that her mother will never come to her senses.

 A really great, if extremely sarcastic novel!