Englischsprachige Literatur

Fforde Jasper

First among Sequels

Hodder&Stoughton, London 2008


This is the fifth of the Thursday Next Series and the first of the “Book World” novels to come. Thursday is 52 now, still married to Landen, who desperately tries to write poetry, they have 3 kids Friday (boy,16) Jenny and Thursday (girls) and Pickwick, the Dodo, is still alive albeit without plumage. Mother Thursday works for a carpet firm, but that is only a front for her work as agent for Jurisfiction, which had to go underground.

And that is about as far as I got. No wonder Terry Pratchett calls the book “ingenious”, Fforde now is quite in line with “disc world”, but I do not really want to follow his overflowing if sparkling ideas. Like the exploding book on the cover, it is all a bit overdone.