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Gardner Lisa

One step too far

Century, London 2022


Lisa Gardner has written an impressive long list of 23 novels so far, this thriller being her latest.

The American author combines her love for dogs and hiking the great outdoors to write a gripping story.

Five years ago a party of 5 young men and close friends go on a stag week hiking in the remote hills of the Shoshone National Forest of Wyoming. Only four come back, leaving Timothy O`Day, the groom, lost behind.

Every year Timīs father sets out with the four to search for his lost son or to find his body, at least. Now he stages the last search mission, assisted by a local ranger, a young woman with her specially trained dog, a private detective and Frankie Elkin. She tells the story of their search in first person and has only joined the group, because she has made it her mission to find lost people.

One by one their group is attacked by unseen forces, has to split to find help and in the end two are dead and the others seriously injured.

And, of course, it is Frankie, who finds out, in the Devilīs Canyon, what it is all about and who is the murderer behind it.

Told a bit overemphatic, but a thrilling read.