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Bateman Colin

The Horse with My Name

Hodder Headline London, 2002


If what the cover says is true, Bateman has a huge following of fans. And understandably so, as itīs quite a novelty to find Northern Ireland the setting for a thriller, thatīs as witty and abstruse as the best of Janet Evanovic.

So itīs pure pleasure reading about down and out Dan Starkey, an ex-journalist, ex-husband, ex-everything, who stumbles into fraud, extortion and murder in connection with the horse-racing-business. Like Stephanie Plum he is more interested in his love-life or the lack of it than in solving crimes.

Unfortunately there is a sinister side to Batemanīs story-telling when he describes the torture and murder of a naked woman in gory details. Does he really need that to give himself a kick?