Englischsprachige Literatur

Hoffman Jilliane


Berkley/Penguin, New York 2004


Hoffman worked as a State Attorney, Prosecutor and Legal Advisor for Law Enforcement in Miami, and doesn´t keep the reader in any doubt about her in-depth knowledge of criminal law procedure.

But the crime she writes about is so horrible that “strong but compelling stuff” as “the Guardian” says, is a euphemism. We see everything through the troubled eyes and mind of C.J. Townsend, a female prosecutor in Miami. She is haunted by her memories of having been brutally raped and recognizes her rapist as the suspect in a gory murder case 12 years later.
If a man had written this book, I would say, he has a mental problem with young smashing blondes. Compared to Hoffman Cornwell and Reichs sound conventional. Well, if cutting out the heart of women still alive is what you are after, good luck.