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Keyes Marian

Sushi for Beginners

Penguin, London 2000


 Marian Keyes, an Irish writer of, at the time, 5 novels with “Sushi for Beginners” her latest, is a worthy follower of Bridget Jones and friends.

We get to know Lisa Edwards, a “The Devil wears Prada” lookalike, if younger, editor, who has been banned to Dublin to start a new sexy women´s magazine.

In her team is Ashling Kennedy, an insecure, but also rather lovely young woman. The third heroine is Clodagh Kelly, a beautiful mother of two, married to attractive and successful Dylan, Ashling´s best friend.

Then we meet likewise attractive Jack, who runs the magazine. To supply some local flavour, we also get to know young and promising Irish stand-up comedians, who start to shake the personal tableau up as best they can.

Very touchingly Keyes sticks to some strict moral rules: Never sleep with your best friend´s friend, stay with your husband, because there is no-one better to come. And, best of all, Cinderella always gets Prince Charming in the end.