Englischsprachige Literatur

Mansell Jill

It started with a secret

Headline Hachette, London 2020


As the cover suggests this is a lovely summer read in the tradition of Rosamund Pilcher. But Mansell has a long long list of books in her own right, 31 if I counted correctly.

Lainey and Kit, two young staff members, are made redundant, when the British owners of a French chateau go bankrupt.

On their journey home to England they scan the ads for new posts, and come across a vacancy offered to a couple. Their problem is, that Kit is gay, but they apply nevertheless, posing as lovers.

Of course, they get the position in a house right on the Cornish coast with a lovely, chaotic, big family and a 80 year old former actor, who brings the necessary glamour into the plot.

Of course, there are lots of complications with love and family, but in the end....

Mansell writes full of understanding for her characters and their difficulties in finding Mr. Right.