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Osman Richard

The man who died twice

Viking Random House, UK 2021


The author, producer and television presenter Richard Osman had such a success with his “Thursday Murder Club”, that he wrote a sequel, probably one in a series, as this book is just delightful to read.

We meet Joyce, Elisabeth, Ron and Ibrahim, all over 70, their police friends and Bodgan from Poland, who does their heavy work when they investigate another murder. Joyce tells the events first person which Osman at least tries to justify by letting Joyce write a diary.

It has become quite common in recent crime novels, that the investigating team are  a group of elderly people, probably because they also are the most reliable readers.Osman makes the story special by his humor and tongue in cheek way of looking at his characters and the world in general. The plot is chaotic, over the top, but a pleasure to follow.

So his first novel is a must now.