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Prunty Morag

Dancing with mules

Pan, London 2001


Here we´ve found an Irish sister for Wendy Holden and Helen Fielding. Another first novel by a young women´s magazine journalist who is on her way to become a “serious writer” as the cover says. As befits a smashing debut, Prunty throws in a whole lot of 30ish socialites and media queens who are in search of Mr Right, even if they don´t want to admit it. Then Prunty adds plenty of complications and absurd situations, so that you can chuckle along while reading. But when the time comes to sort it all out and bring the respective partners together, Prunty loses interest or resorts to film scripts or newspaper clippings. Still the book is real fun.
The underlying motif is Prunty´s sincere love of Ireland and everything Irish.