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Robinson Steve

In the Blood

FeedARead Publishing 2011


Steve Robinson from Kent/England has taken up writing as his career, after being made redundant in the computer industry and this is his first novel. It introduces the American genealogist Jefferson Tayte as the detective protagonist.

Like the author himself, Tayte has become interested in genealogy, because he does not know who his father is.

Tayte is sent over to England by his wealthy client who wants to find out more about his ancestors from England. From the beginning the whole project is shrouded in mystery. Tayte´s investigations bring him to a small community in Cornwall, where he soon finds himself attacked and, worse, a young ambitious colleague, who has followed him is murdered. It all gets very complicated, with the Fairborne family in the local manor house playing the most mysterious part. A young woman has to suffer incredible cruelty as she is chained in a cave waiting to drown. Nothing is as it seems, which the exhausted reader finds out in the end. Simon Beckett´s pleasure in torturing his heroines comes to mind, and it is not meant as a compliment..