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Rosenberg Joel C.

The Kremlin Conspiracy

Tyndale, USA 2018


Although I have just now discovered this author he seems to be a well-known writer of political thrillers.

In this novel he describes the lives of two antagonists up to the time, when they meet and act together. The first character is Markus Ryker who joins the Marines and does his tours in Afghanistan. When his wife and young son are shot in a robbery, he leaves the army.

His counterpart is Oleg Kraskin, son of a wealthy Russian Oligarch. He marries the daughter of the Russian President Luganov and soon belongs to his inner circle.

Markus and Oleg meet officially in Berlin. Then Markus accompanies a Democrat senator to Moscow for a meeting with Luganov. At night Oleg secretly comes to Markus´room to tell him that the President plans to take over the Baltic States in a blitzkrieg, although he officially declares his peaceful intentions.

The situation comes to a bloody climax with only a very narrow escape for Markus and Oleg, who rescue themselves per parachute from their exploding aircraft.

Rosenberg has asked several high-ranking officials for advice and seems to know intimate details of Russian power plays. the figure of Luganov shows a close resemblance to Putin, as well as the American President is a lookalike of Trump.

At the end of the story Rosenberg loses interest in his protagonists and leaves them hovering over the Russian-Finnish border hanging from their parachute.

Amidst all the bloodbath and his own shooting of quite a few Russians, Markus turns to God, full of faith and prayers.