Englischsprachige Literatur

Swanson Peter

Her Every Fear

Faber&Faber, London 2017


The American author Peter Swanson published his debut novel “The Girl with a Clock for a heart” in 2014 and it seems to have been a success. So this is his third book, a psycho thriller with the young English girl Kate Priddy, who is tentatively trying to cope with a traumatic experience. When her distant American cousin Corbin suggests an apartment swap, she seizes the opportunity to make a new start and enrolls in an art college in New York.

When she moves into her cousinīs spacious flat there, the girl next door is found brutally murdered. For Kate, who has had a near death experience with a brutal lover herself, this is a terrible shock. She hardly dares to leave the flat and is haunted by nightmares. Then she gets friendly with Alan, a neighbour in the opposite part of the building.

Swanson changes his narrative perspective and tells the story from Alanīs point of view, then from Corbinīs until finally the true murderer is caught. The end is hardly surprising and a bit disappointing, as well.