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Vandever Jennifer

The Bronte Project

Simon&Schuster UK, London 2006


The Bronte Sisters and their work seem to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for young aspiring authors. Jennifer Vandever has secured the help of Charlotte Bronte´s wisdom, as it is displayed in her various letters, to write her first, obviously autobiographical, novel and give it some extra credibility.

So we meet young Sara Frost doing research on said Charlotte and trying to find her lost love letters. This turns out to be as unsuccessful as her relationship with Paul, which ends after 7 years, not in the promised marriage but with Paul fleeing to Paris to live his own life. When the glamourous, if rather inane lecturer Claire takes over the department with her Princess Diana Studies, Sara loses her grant, because her research is not glamourous enough. But she secures the love of Denis, Claire´s brother.

She gets to know wealthy and eccentric Mr Emmons, who offers to make a film out of her Bronte project and engages her as Bronte specialist and lover. Soon, with the help of more quotes from Bronte, Sara realizes, that this is not the life she is after, really, and flees to France herself, where everybody meets in the end.

Sara has a car accident exactly in the tunnel, where Princess Diana died, but that end would be stretching similarities too far. So a wiser Sara survives and summons all her lovers to her hospital bed. But she sends them away to live on her own, with the help of a Princess Diana fellowship granted by Claire.