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Brown Sandra


Hodder and Stoughton, London 2006


This latest novel by Sandra Brown is not just about romance but a crime story as well.

And if you are ready to throw any thoughts about logic or probability over board, you will thoroughly enjoy this thriller starring beautiful and sexy Elise, who sacrifices herself in a marriage to judge Cato Laird, only to find out more about the death of her brother in prison.

When a killer breaks into her house, she kills him in self defence. Detective Duncan Hatcher takes over the case. He has his own bill to settle with the judge, because he let a notorious criminal, Savic, off the hook. Of course, Duncan is attracted to Elise, but doesn´t believe her when she says that her husband ordered someone to kill her. It all gets very confusing, when another attempt is made to kill Elise and she disappears.

Her profusely suffering husband identifies a corpse as hers but she walks back into Duncan´s life and finally he believes her. And one of Brown´s trade mark love scenes is the consequence. And then the final showdown can begin.