Englischsprachige Literatur

Carter Chris

Written in Blood

Simon&Schuster, London 2020


There is already a series of Robert Hunter thrillers by Chris Carter. This seems to be his latest, dedicated to the loss of his partner due to COVID 19.

When Angela Wood, a young pickpocket in L.A. steals a bag from a man in a restaurant, she sets a murderous plot in motion. She finds a diary in the bag, in which the brutal murder of women after women is described in loving detail. She brings the diary to the police and Robert Hunter and his team start their frantic search for the murderer.

At the same time they try to protect Angela from becoming his next victim, because the diary plays a vital part in the murder series.

The story is thrilling, a page turner, but leaves the reader exhausted and not willing to put up with another Carter story.