Englischsprachige Literatur

Dahl Roald




This is a children´s classic, so there is hardly anything to say against it.

Mathilda is a 5-year-old genius, whose stupid and criminal parents neglect her totally. She teaches herself to read and knows all the books in the local library by the time she starts school. Her teacher wants to put her in the top class, but a stupid and brutal head mistress terrorises not just Matilda, but all the pupils and Matilda´s teacher as well.

When the little girl finds out that she can make objects move in the air, she designs a brilliant plan to get rid of the headmistress once and for all and at the same time she can help her beloved teacher to get into her inheritance that had been held from her by the headmistress, her aunt.

The story is easy and funny to read, but soaked in morals.