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Evanovic Janet

Ten Big Ones

Headline/Hodder, London 2004


By now Evanovic has come out with number twelve of her Stefanie Plum detective comedies, so she has been busy writing since 2004, when this one here was published.

The thrill has faded a lot since I last read  bounty hunter Stefanie´s adventures. She is still between Ranger, the mysterious black rider and Joe Morelli, the Trenton cop. This time a gang has engaged a killer named Junkman (!) to get rid of Stefanie. This gives Evanovic ample opportunity to describe the good and the no-go areas of her beloved Trenton society. And Stefanie, as usual, is more concerned with  fighting against her own weak self, meaning she is seduced by mountains of different doughnuts, lovingly described in detail, and full of understanding for a criminal woman whose offence it was to hold up a truck full of Cheez Doodles. This lady is seen by Stefanie as an addict, not responsible for her actions. So it´s still fun reading about Evanovic´s microcosmos of lunatics, including, of course, big Lula, the former hooker and now partner of  Stefanie.