Englischsprachige Literatur

Finder Joseph

Power Play

Headline, London 2007


Jack Landry, Finderīs reluctant hero in this thriller, works for “Hammond Aerospace Corporation” (Boeing?) as a kind of quality controller. His boss is on a business trip to Europe, so Landry is put on a list of top executives, who are to spend a week in a lonely mountain lodge in Canada in order to develop team spirit. He finds out, that he was put on the list by his former lover Ali, who, in turn, is  Cheryl Tobinīs, the new bossīs, assistant. All the other top brass are men and in considerable unease about their new head, who got the job in order to find out about financial irregularities and quality deficiencies in the firm.

The group has hardly settled down in their solitary, but quite luxurious surroundings, when they are taken hostage by a bunch of hardcore criminals. By and by we learn more about the opposing groups - and Jack Landry. Nobody is what he seems. Jack tells the story in the first person, which is consoling for the reader, because he can be sure, Landry, at least, will survive. But how, thatīs the truly thrilling question. A great story, and brilliantly told!