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Galbraith Robert

Career of Evil

Hachette UK, London 2015


 In her third novel with Cormoran Strike as P.I. and Robin as his secretary J.K. Rowling strikes out against sexual abuse by fathers and husbands.

When a severed women´s leg is sent to Strike´s office he starts investigating with great furor albeit less logic. The reason might be that he is more emotionally involved with his soon to be married secretary than he is prepared to admit. And so this novel is more about these two than about the three suspects Strike is investigating. He soon knows that the police follow the wrong lead so he stubbornly plods on and Robin helps him although her life is in danger and her fiance´does not like this at all. On the other hand she is preparing for her wedding.

Of course, in the end, Strike finds the true perverse culprit, Robin´s wedding ceremony begins and...

The thing is, Rowling still has not found somebody to reign in her sometimes very sinister imagination. And the lyrics that pop up as titles at the beginnings of every chapter and in their long form in between don´t really clarify the situation.