Englischsprachige Literatur

Grisham John

The Racketeer

Dell Random House, New York 2012


John Grisham is such a successful author, that by now he can indulge in personal hobbies and preferences without caring much about his readers´expectations. And so “The Racketeer” is just the story of an excellent scheme to get into several millions worth of gold. To justifiy the heist, Grisham invents the black lawyer Malcolm Bannister, who was framed and innocently sat in prison for 5 years. So it is understandable that he wants to revenge himself. The gold had been amassed by a corrupt and later murdered judge, and in Grisham´s view it is only just to relieve the murderer, who is still running free, of this troublesome burden.

The investigating authorities are depicted as stupid and easy to be fooled. All very well, but not really interesting for the reader, who cannot live out his life carefree with tainted money in the Carribean.