Englischsprachige Literatur

Iles Greg

Dead Sleep

Hodderheadline, London, 2001


In this truly bizarre thriller a forty-year-old photographer, Jordan Glass, takes centre stage, which is almost as unusual as the plot she finds herself in. Her twin (!) sister was abducted a year ago and Jordan discovers a painting, showing her nude sister in dead sleep in an exhibition in Hongkong. Just what you expect if you have a twin sister. She sets out to solve this mystery back home in New Orleans with the help of the FBI in general  and agent John Kaiser in particular. Iles is just as fascinated by FBI interna als Patricia Cornwell. Apart from that there is no need to discuss the probabilities of the story, as there arenīt any. If thatīs no problem with you, this thriller makes fascinating reading. The author knows his job. A nice treat on the side is that a 40-year-old is allowed to have an active sex life.