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MacGregor Neil

A History of the World in 100 Objects (20 CDs)

The British Museum/BBC Radio 4


 This is a truly ambitious and exceptional project: Neil MacGregor and his team in the British Museum present a history of the world by choosing 100 objects from their fund and putting them into their historical context.

And I have spent 25 hours listening to their tales and the accompanying music with great joy. Specially the first centuries of human history were laid out in splendor, revealing new insights with almost every presented object. MacGregor is full of enthusiasm and not shy in showing it and his pride of the treasures in his museum.

The nearer he comes to historical times, which the listener knows from detailed study or her own experience, the less convincing the story becomes, but that is no surprise, as every historical view is prone to being subjective. And MacGregor´s message throughout the series is that everything is interconnected, no society can live without their neighbours. Why he chose the solar panel as his last object and omitted the computer might be arguable. Maybe the British Museum doesn´t stock Konrad Suse´s first computer or any later model.

But this is only a slight flaw in an enormous editorial achievement.