Englischsprachige Literatur

May Peter

Freeze Frame

Quercus, London 2010


Peter May is a renowned television dramatist and writer. His Lewis trilogy is probably his most outstanding work of fiction. Since he moved to the South of France he has started a new investigative series starring Enzo MacLeod, an expat like himself.
Enzo is asked to investigate a murder, that occured 20 years ago on the small Ile de Groix off the coast of Brittany. And here the problem starts. Nobody apart from Enzo and Peter May is really interested in solving the age-old, cold case. May lays it out as a riddle, imitating Dan Brown´s treasure hunts, but not thrilling at all. And Enzo, like all May´s characters, is a tormented soul, frustrated by his love life, or more the lack of it.
It took this reader quite some stamina to finish the book. In the end the murderer turns out to be the son of  a Nazi mass murderer, who tries to protect the memory of his long dead father.