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McDermid Val

Beneath the Bleeding

HarperCollins, London 2008


It seems to this reader here that Val McDermid has either lost her stamina or her creative powers are somewhat exhausted. Or her publishers don´t dare to criticise her any more. Whatever the reason, the result is rather disappointing.

At the beginning of the story Dr Tony Hill is attacked by a lunatic, who almost cuts off his leg with an axe, so Tony has to do his ingenious work from a hospital bed. And DCI Carol Jordan desperately needs his help in more than one way. A famous football player is poisoned, a bomb explodes in the Bradfield football stadium, together with a Pakistani suicide bomber. But all is not as it looks, of course.

The “Imperial Storm Troopers”, a special task force against terrorism, takes over, and gives McDermid a chance to show her former biting sarcasm  - and the reader something to chuckle about.

The rest of the “thriller” is too outlandish, too botchy to waste more words on it.