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McMillan Terry

How Stelly got her groove back



This might be a good story for any glossy women´s magazine.

Stella, a career woman of forty-two, divorced, one son, decides she has had enough of it all and goes on a one week vacation to Jamaica, where she meets  wonderful 21-year-old Winston, who helps her to “get her groove back.” Of course, there are some complications, otherwise the story would really fit in a magazine, but that´s it, basically. McMillan has a rather simplistic view of people, language and plot. Stella´s main problem seems to be what to wear to get laid by which man. And their characteristics seem to be sufficiently described by summing up their build and looks.

You wouldn´t believe McMillan to be a “critically acclaimed author”, as the book proudly states. But maybe writing in a breathless, additive style, only using a restricted variety of basic vocabulary helps. Or is it the fact, that the main characters are blacks or speaking politically correctly, African-Americans? And Terry McMillan, too?