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Monroe J. S.

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Head of Zeus, London 2017


J. S. Monroe is a British journalist turned writer, her sex deliberately kept vague, but quite obvious is the fact that this novel owes a lot to Marisha Pessl and her “...Calamity Physics”.

Rosa, a brilliant Cambridge student, disappears on Cromer pier one night and leaves her boyfriend Jar heart broken, even 5 years after her disappearance. He cannot give up looking for her and investigating, although the police have long done exactly that.

He finds a journalist, who has researched the disappearance of several brilliant Cambridge students and thinks, the secret service has recruted them.

When the police interrogate Jar, because Rosa´s uncle has become a person of interest with his activities in the dark net, Jar tails him. The uncle had done research in a pharmaceutical firm, before they let him go.

Jar comes into possession of Rosa´diary, but it turns out that the texts were tampered with.

In the end, of course, Rosa is found. Monroe throws around vague accusations against the methods of British and American sercret service and the evil, evil pharma industry.