Englischsprachige Literatur

Nicholls David

One Day

Vintage Books/Random House, New York 2009


This romantic novel is the film “Harry and Sally” put into a book. We follow Emma and Dexter from their first one-night-stand on July 15th 1988 to the same date in 2007. And the story might also be seen as “Groundhog Day” turned into a novel. It is the male character, who has to go through lots of July 15ths before he finds out, that it is Emma who he has always loved. Emma, on the other hand, knows from the beginning, that Dexter is the only one for her.

They come from very different backgrounds: Dexter is the spoilt son of very rich parents , Emma comes from humble beginnings, but gradually and painfully makes her way to the top by becoming a famous writer of children´s books. Dexter tours the world, then shines as a famous TV-personality, but booze and his chaotic sex life bring him down.

Of course it is Emma who rescues him. But Nicholls`real topic is Dexter, and Dexter only.