Englischsprachige Literatur

O´Farell John

The best a man can get

Random House, London, 2001


This book is the male equivalent to the so-called women´s literature. The hero, an aptly named Michael Adams leads a double life. He is a happily married family man with a wonderful wife, Catherine, two toddlers and a third baby on the way. From time to time he disappears into a flat which he shares with three bachelors, so that he can also share their independent life, being footloose and fancy-free. He works as a composer of popular music, specialising on ad jingles. This starting point gives O`Farrell plenty of opportunities to throw in witty remarks about life in general and the marriage status in particular. And there is obviously some autobiographical background for his insights. The plot develops unsurprisingly into a reverse situation in the end, with his wife throwing in bachelor weekends at expensive hotels and a wiser Adam(s) looking after the three kids. How charming!