Englischsprachige Literatur

Parker Robert B.

The Professional

Quercus, London 2010


Robert B. Parker wrote this, his latest Spenser Mystery, in 2009 and died shortly after, in January 2010, aged 77. Although two more of his books will soon be published posthumously, “The Professional” is Parker´s “Valediction” and not bad as such.

“The Professional” is an attractive young man, who makes a comfortable living out of seducing young frustrated wives of rich old men and then demanding money for compromising videofilms.

When four of his victims ask Spenser for help, he finds the man, but cannot do much about it, as none of the women wants to testify against Gary Eisenhower, as their ex-lover calls himself. Spenser quite likes him and does not want to beat him up, as Chet Jackson, one of the rich husbands, asks him to.

Then this Jackson is murdered and Spenser and his buddies get moving and finally close in on the murderer and his accomplice, Jackson´s wife Beth.

This mystery is an easy read, written in an easy-going way. Its highlights are the laconic dialogues, witty and full of ambiguity. A farewell, light as a feather!