Englischsprachige Literatur

Rankin Ian

Exit Music

Orion, London 2007


Obviously, Rankin has become fed up with DI Rebus, his hero of 18 novels, and so here Rebus is one week away from his retirement, when he solves his last case. He is a frustrated, heavy drinking, lonely man, at war with society and the police establishment. Rankin seems to think, at 65 a man can only lament the better past and bad present, and thatīs it. Even Shiobhan Clarke canīt help his poor hero. He is suspended from his last case, the murder of a Russian poet in Edinburgh. But, no surprise, Rebus keeps digging and “cherches la femme”. The most interesting thing about this story is the important role CCTV is playing in solving the crime. And now let Rebus disappear into the twilight of retirement, as Rankin sees it.