Englischsprachige Literatur

Tey Josefine

Miss Pym disposes

Random House, London, first published 1946


Josefine Tey was at the height of her literary fame in the 1940ies and became very popular, probably like Agatha Christie.

She writes in a pleasantly old-fashioned, elegant style and I am sure, her unwilling heroine Miss Pym, a former teacher and now famous author of a book on psychology, is Tey´s alter ego.

Miss Pym is invited to a renowned girl´s college in the country, where the young are trained in all kinds of sports and scientific subjects to prepare them for a career in teaching  or medical professions.

Miss Pym originally was supposed to hold a lecture and stay for one night, but she becomes so drawn to the young ladies and their endeavours, that she stays to the end of the semester. In a grand finale, there is a demonstration of all their sporting and dancing efforts, to which parents and guests are invited. And posts are offered to the most deserving. Here the principal makes a serious mistake as a consequence of which one girl is killed.

And Tey shows her narrative talent at its best, as nothing is as it seems.

A pleasant, if a bit dusty read!.