Englischsprachige Literatur

Verdon John

White River Burning

Counterpoint, Berkley CA 2018


This is the second novel by John Verdon I have come across, and Dave Gurney has really endeared himself to me. Obviously this retired NYPD detective is Verdonīs alter ego, living in the rural mountains of upstate New York, where he raises chickens, tends the garden, and lives together with his wife, a clinical psychologist. The perfect setting for a detective, whose approach to crime is mainly focussed in his mind.

To keep the thrill going, the murders have to be atrocious. The fictive town of White River is experiencing a specially fierce confrontation between black and white, the media and the police, Gurney and the established forces of the law.

All in all a really good read. Verdonīs style is elaborate and fairly conservative, with only one friend of his fluent in the shit and fuck department. So Verdonīs first novel “Wolf Lake” might be worth reading, too.