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Buckley Christopher

Boomsday  (read by Janeane Garofalo)

audiobook, Hachette Audio, New York 2007


 Christopher Buckley, probably a Baby Boomer himself, has found an ingenious way to get rid of his own generation, now, that they are pensioned off and a burden to the young people.

 And he has invented young, attractive Cassandra (!) Devine, to put the scheme of “voluntary transitioning” into action. After a short period in the army, when Miss Devine was sent to Bosnia and injured in a minefield together with the senator of “the great state of Massachussetts”, she works for Washington´s greatest PR-agency. There she invents her euthanasia scheme: If you consent to commit suicide at the age of 70, you can live tax-free as long as it lasts.

Her real issue is to make the government realize, that something has to be done about mounting Social Security debts. Buckley doesn´t miss a single opportunity for biting sarcasm and takes great pleasure in exposing an incompetent president and his cronies, together with several presidential candidates.

Maybe reading all that in you own time is great fun, but Garofalo reads in a rather shrill voice. It may have been a mistake to choose a female reader, as, apart from Cassandra, all the other characters are male, and so come across in a rather unnatural, exaggerated way.