Englischsprachige Literatur

Fielding Joy

Still Life

Simon&Schuster, London 2009


In her latest thriller Fielding puts the reader through an almost unbearable ordeal. She has to watch, just as helplessly as her comatose heroine Casey, how Casey´s life is threatened by those pretending to help her. While being a “still life” , Casey can hear what everybody around her hospital bed is saying. So she knows, that her nurse is coming up to her husband, and to her horror finds out, that her fatal car accident in fact was a murder attack.

Then she is taken home, under the care of her husband and said nurse. The only person she can really trust is her sister. When her bodily functions slowly come back, she can´t show it, but on the other hand desperately needs to call for help.

In the end, she survives, but her social life is in ruins, and the reader´s nerves as well.