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Martini Steve

Compelling Evidence

Jove Books/The Berkley PG, New York 1993


This courtroom thriller is Steve Martiniīs debut. Having worked as a trial attorney and journalist he knows his genre by heart and has not just delivered a perfect, thrilling story,but also written it in perfect, polished language. A welcome contrast to most of his competitors in the field whose literary ambition is best described as a variation of four letter vernacular.

Paul Madriani, defense lawyer in Sacramento, is approached by his ex- lover Talia Potter, wife of his ex-boss Ben, who is accused of having murdered her husband. Benīs partner Skarpellos persuades Paul to take Taliaīs case, although they both know the risks involved in this constellation, as Paul had to leave Benīs law firm, after Ben had found out about the love affair.

A second string of action involves Paulīs long-term friend and pathologist George Cooper , whose daughter Sharon has been killed in a mysterious car accident.

True to his profession Martini concentrates on legal procedure with the trial as the centre of the book. And there is a lot to learn and wonder for non-Americans about the American justice system. How judge and public prosecutor in accordance can supress important evidence, build a whole case on, literally, a single hair, is hair-raising for every lay person. It is clear that, against all odds, Madriani in the end will win his case, but that is not the point.

A really recommendable read!