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Sandford John

Invisible Prey

Simon&Schuster, London 2007


If I counted correctly, “Invisible Prey” is the 14th of  Sandford´s Lucas Davenport thrillers. Almost all have a two-word title with “prey”, so Sandford seems to be a very economical author, not writing one word too much, and mostly sticking to four-letter-words, for embellishment.

If you first meet Lucas in this thriller, he does not strike you as one of the great detectives of crime fiction, but he does his job, and does it well in the end. Two old ladies are found brutally murdered in their home in an affluent neighbourhood of Minneapolis and Davenport cannot find a single clue. He engages an antiques dealer couple to evaluate furniture and objects of art. Then the granddaughter of one of the old ladies is murdered, too, and Davenport begins to suspect a gigantic fraud scheme with antique quilts to be behind the murders.

The reader knows the murderers already and can follow the race between the two parties with some amusement and a lot of suspense.