Englischsprachige Literatur

Strayed Cheryl


Atlantic Books, London 2012


How very moving to read about a 26-year-old writer, who lets us readers be part of her awareness experience on a “journey from lost to found”. The death of her mother plunges her into such deep-felt depression, that she seeks solace in one-night stands, consequently losing her loving and beloved husband. She takes off with a heroin addict, using herself as well and getting pregnant. Wheras she spends pages and pages  mourning her mother, the abortion is only worth half a sentence.

When she sets out on a 1000 mile walk along the Pacific Crest Walk without any experience and much too heavy backpack, this reader here is glad so see her gone and does not want to hear her ample lamentations about sore body parts and heart. It is all just too ostentatious and superficial playing to the gallery.